D80 Perfect Pink DM DIPIT Colour (Pack of 1)

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Color large quantities of fresh or silk flowers, mix colors

► a dip & rinse floral dye, Dipit colors fresh blossoms by immersing flower heads into the dye then rinsing away excess color

► beautifully colors silk flowers, dried materials and floral accessories too

► creates stunning color with a smooth, natural appearance

► use DIPIT where large quantities of flowers require coloring

Pack content 1ltr = 946ml

    • 1. USE high quality, fully bloomed white or light colored flowers.
    • 2. POUR Dipit into a wide mouth container or bucket for easy dipping.
    • 3. DIP blossoms into dye for approximately 2 seconds.
    • 4. SHAKE excess dye back into container or bucket, it’s reusable.
    • 5. RINSE blossoms thoroughly in clear water and shake again over a drain.
    • 6. LET DRY before handling to avoid staining of clothing, etc.
  • NOTES • Suggest using latex gloves while dyeing to protect hands from staining. • For darker shades, re-dip flowers after they have dried. • For lighter shades, dilute dye with DESIGN MASTER Dipit Thinner. • Dip dying blossoms can be messy. Protect work area and clothing from splatter. • Available in quart or gallon size
  • DISPOSAL Dipit dyes are not water based and should not be poured down the drain. The disposal method we recommend for leftover dye solution is to absorb it into a material like sawdust, wood chips or newspaper. These may simply be disposed of in their normal trash.

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