Orange (1 No) - Colour Oasis Floral Foam

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Used in transparent vase flower arrangement.


OASIS® Rainbow Floral Foam Bricks are made from Premium Quality Raw Material, Made in India Carved on Fine Quality Machines and Packed in a Secure 2Ply Carboard Boxes with Extra Supporting for Safety in Transit.

OASIS® Rainbow Floral Foam Brick
1. Made of Premium OASIS® Floral Foam to securely hold the thickest of stems.
2. Comes with Visible cutting lines & Size: 23cmx11cmx8cm, Package includes One Set of Floral Foam Brick Shape.
3. High Quality Foam to hold just enough water for your Flowers to stay Fresh for 8-10 Days.
4. Less Draining Compared to Ordinary Floral Foam.
5. Perfect for Parties, Weddings, Openings and to make combinations of Floral Foam Names and doing Flower Decoration using Floral Foam.
6. High Compression Strength that allows to use Tropical Stems in Floral Arrangements.
7. Match the Floral Foam Brick Colors with your Flowers and use.
8. No need to hide or cover the Floral Foam as its colors compliment the Floral Arrangement Colors

How to use:
1. Soak the Floral Foam Brick Properly in Water If not able to soak in water spray water on the foam to make it wet.
2. Watch the Videos for best Practices & Information on OASIS® Floral Foam.
3. Use OASIS® FloraLife Flower Food in the water for hydrating your flowers & Keep them fresh for longer time.
4. Once the OASIS® Floral Foam soaks enough water remove it from water keep it aside to drain the excess water.
5. When the Excess water is Drained out you can start decorating it with Fresh Flowers.
6. OASIS® Floral Foam will keep your Flowers Fresh for 8-10 Days, Keep Spraying water if you feel the Floral Foam is Dry.

OASIS® Floral Foam Products is the Leading Manufacturer of Floral Foam in India. Floral Foam of All Shapes & Sizes for Daily Home Flower Decoration, Flower Shop or Flower Decoration for Events & Weddings.

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